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Bath Salts - Unsafe For You or Not?

If we discuss bath salts, some people would talk about illegal drugs called bath salts. They think about these substances that can cause damage to the body. However, there are also people who think about the bath salts used for salt bath. Both of them may sound the same, but the truth is there’s a huge difference between them. The former bath salt can be abused while the latter is not. Really, you should check this place to know how safe it is - http://www.marthastewart.com/270270/homemade-bath-salts. Bath salts for bathing or Epsom salts to be precise are beneficial and safe products. They are harmless and very helpful to our health. It relieves stress. It soothes painful and tense muscles. It offers skin exfoliation and at the same time softening it. It can even reduce wrinkles and help relieve various skin problems such as psoriasis, athlete’s foot. In some instances, it can help in removing body odor, if you have one. Epsom salt is actually a natural occurring compound. It is magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt derived its name from Epsom a place in England where it was discovered first. Epsom salt is used both externally and internally. And it has been used in treating various aches, pains, diseases and symptoms.

Truth to be told, Epsom salt isn’t the only safe bath salt. Sodium chloride or table salt, sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, borax, sodium citrate, sodium sesquicarbonate and sodium hexametaphosphate are considered are considered as bath salts. All of them provide various benefits to the body just like Epsom salt.

Salt baths can restore minerals to us. It is even recommended to take salt baths for fifteen minutes, at least three times a week. If you want to buy bath salts, you can always head to the pharmacy or the grocery. Or maybe order them via the web. 

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